Many of you have heard me say that winter is my favorite season of the year. Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy my time of farming and managing the market during the spring, summer and fall, but I love living a more “normal” life during the off season.

So, what have Tom and I been doing to be normal. To begin with, I have thoroughly cleaned our much neglected home, organized files, cleaned drawers and closets, washed windows, and tried to maintain some level of cleanliness that often gets overlooked during “the season”. I also did a lot of yard work to try to get things back in shape outside the home. I have enjoyed cooking and taking daily long walks. (Tom got me a Fitbit for Christmas!) In the evening, it has been so nice to read and watch television. It is our “snuggle time” and we have enjoyed football games (Go Steelers!), as well as watching a few series such as “Designated Survivor” and “The Crown”. Tom has spent many days hunting with his friends and the freezer is well stocked with not only deer meet, but with the corn, peppers, beans, broccoli and cauliflower that I froze. We have enjoyed getting together with our friends, having breakfasts and lunches out and sharing “kid stories”. We even went to the Pennsylvania Farm Show with friends to see the rodeo. As we get older and enter the Empty Nest stage, we are realizing how important our friends are. Of course, we have both been happy to spend more time with our parents which we don’t do enough of during the season.

Of course we continue to do things related to the farm during the winter. Tom has worked hard to put the finishing touches on his equipment shed/workshop and has been busy maintaining and repairing equipment. (A never ending job!) I have caught up on the record keeping that was pushed aside all season and started the process for obtaining visas for some of our workers. Tom and I have prepared and submitted supply orders, as well as seed and bulb orders. The seeding schedule has also been completed. We have been reading a lot of farm journals, as well as doing research on the Internet, for it seems there is always something new to learn. We will be going to a couple of conferences a little later this winter to catch up on things, too. That is a great time to learn new things, bounce around ideas, and get the creative juices going. It kind of gets you rejuvenated for the upcoming season.

Although our wintertime is not filled with vacations or going away, I so enjoy not having the stress that the farming season can bring. Winter is truly a time for family, friends and home. So keep the cold coming!!