It has been a while since I have been in contact with you, our wonderful customers.  As those who know me realize, wintertime is truly my favorite time of the year. The colder the better, for I love warm clothes, big blankets and snuggling, whether with the dog, Maggie, or of course, Tom.   But most of all, it is a time of rest and doing more of what I want to do.  Yes, there is still much farm work to be done in the way of catching up on paperwork, ordering seeds and supplies, and general planning, but there is time to plan and cook nice meals, clean the house, do yard work, walk Maggie (lots), and talk to friends. 

Tom has been working hard on maintaining equipment and organizing his shop.  He also got in some hunting, so between all the vegetables I froze and the venison, we are pretty well set. 

Being able to spend quality time with Tom during the offseason is one of my greatest joys.  Every night, we have the luxury of sitting down to stream a television show.  We never get to do this during the farm season, for the work goes from pre-dawn to bedtime.  So, we make a list of shows we want to watch during the off season.  Right now, we are watching Outlander.  As one of my friends commented, it is “steamy”, but still, we are enjoying it a lot. 

Another thing Tom and I are doing is hiking.  I have always walked a lot around our farm, but we are doing more of it together and going places like Susquehanna State Park and Pinnacle Overlook in Pennsylvania.  Nature is a great healer and stress reliever.

We hope that you all are enjoying your winter.  And we look forward to seeing you when the crops start producing!