One of the most anticipated crops that Harman’s grows is strawberries. I often hear people say, “When will the strawberries be ready?” or “Your strawberries are the sweetest I’ve ever had.”

Harman’s has been growing strawberries for the past 20 years. We use a method called plasticulture strawberries instead of the traditional matted row method. We plant strawberry plugs around Labor Day on high raised beds. Careful attention is paid to disease and insect pressure and nutritional needs. We actually have the plant tissue tested to determine what to feed them.

Row covers are applied, usually around Thanksgiving to promote better crown growth and prevent crown damage in severely cold temperatures. When the plants bloom in the spring, the covers are removed to allow pollination to occur. If there is a threat of frost, we must re-cover to avoid damage to the blossoms. Springtime can be a real workout for Tom and me, pulling covers on and off. But it is well worth the reward of a beautiful crop of red juicy strawberries, around the 2nd week of May.