2Alexander Pope stated in “An Essay on Man” that “hope springs eternal”.  When I hear that phrase, I think of farmers in the springtime.  Each year, no matter how much adversity they may have faced the previous season, they are always ready to take another chance.  A chance to fight the bugs, diseases, weeds, and weather to produce their best crop ever.

To me, there is nothing better than starting fresh in the spring, and planting the seeds that result in what I perceive to be a miracle.  These little seeds swell, sprout, reach for the sun, and continue to grow until they mature into the plants that produce fruits, vegetables, and grains that will feed a multitude of people.  And the farmers in the United States, which make up 1.46% of our population, are growing enough food to feed all the people in our country, and more.

Some seasons, it doesn’t work too well.  Crops can be wiped out by tornadoes, hurricanes, drought, insects, disease, freezes, or any number of other factors, but thank goodness, these farmers don’t give up.  Thank goodness that “hope springs eternal”.