Every November, my body says that it is time to slow down and rest.  I feel like a bear, knowing that the cold weather is coming, I go into a type of dormancy and hibernate.  I enjoy our farming season and the wonderful customers at our market, but I must admit, going full throttle every day for 8 months (yes, we start 2 months before the market opens) does take its toll on a body and soul.

Early last November, Tom asked me if I would like to go somewhere to get away.  I just looked at him and said, “No, I just want to stay home and wash windows.”  He kind of looked at me to see if I was joking and then realized that I wasn’t.  I was ready to clean up my house and hibernate.  Don’t worry, I didn’t stay in all winter, but it did take a while to come out!!

Tom and I stayed busy all winter.  You see, farming is not just growing crops or raising livestock.  It is a business and comes with all the paperwork, marketing, planning, bookkeeping, and dreaming as other businesses.  We use our winters to study the latest innovations and technology.  Tom works on equipment and I get to be a normal housewife – cooking, cleaning, maintaining schedules, etc.  Tom did some hunting and I had lunches and breakfasts with girlfriends.  We took some daytrips and even went to Virginia Beach in early March for a strawberry growers conference (a very good conference, it was).

David and Daniel are doing well.  David will be completing his 3rd year at the University of Maryland this May.  He and a group of friends ventured to Iceland during spring break and had a great time.  Kids seem to go on bigger adventures than we did during spring break.  Daniel started working at McDonald’s in January and seems to enjoy it.  It’s nice that he is earning money to help defray some of the many expenses associated with senior year.

Oh, I almost forgot our biggest news!  We got a new dog to replace our beagle, Ross, who passed away last June.  His name is Cooper, another beagle, though he is mixed with something else.  He is a shelter dog, found roaming the streets of Philadelphia, and is 2 ½ years old.  It’s hard to “teach an old dog new tricks”, but we’re working on it.  He has great separation anxiety, but he is finally realizing that we’re not going to leave him for good. Cooper and I are getting to be good buddies, taking lots of walks and cuddling a lot.

So, hibernation time is officially over and Tom and I are farming full tilt – me in the greenhouses and Tom in the fields.  We are excited about the upcoming season and look forward to seeing everyone.

Now that it is spring, the Harmans have come out of hibernation and are farming full tilt!