OPENING DAY: Sunday, May 1st, 2022 | Farm Market Hours: Sunday - Saturday (9:30am - 5:00pm)

We’ve been doing CSA at Harman’s Farm Market for a good number of years now and we still find it exciting every week when we pick up our bag of produce. We’ve been introduced to some new vegetables (bok choy) even as we’ve enjoyed our old friends –tomatoes and corn.  I especially love the sweet onions when we get them. It’s so good to be able to eat fresh food and know that it’s been grown nearby by people we trust.  I just wish all of it was available all-year-round!”

– Wendy (Aberdeen, Maryland)

“I just can’t say enough good things about Harmans farm. We have been a part of their CSA for the last two years and have really enjoyed everything about our experience. The produce was fresh and varied. The location is convenient and parking is easy. But I would say the best part about this farm is the warmth and friendliness I encountered each time I went. The staff is great! Thank you Harmans!”

– Sabrina (Bel Air, Maryland)

“We were customers with a full share last year and really enjoyed the fresh vegetables and fruits. Everyone was very helpful, friendly and courteous. A great value. We would recommend the Harman’s Farm Market CSA to anyone”.

– Fred and Linda Robbins (Aberdeen, Maryland)

“My husband and I are new to Maryland and to CSA programs.  Harman’s was our first venture into trying a CSA, and we will never go anywhere else as long as we live here.  I love to cook and try not to make the same meal twice, so the variety and the quality of produce we received every week from Harman’s went into meal after meal of delicious, healthy summertime cuisine.  It feels like Christmas every week when you open your bag to find out what you received! We’re so spoiled, that our veggie consumption has sadly declined over the winter months, because those from the grocery store just don’t taste the same. One thing I’ve also learned from this CSA, though, is that even Harman’s can’t get me to like beets, so the deer in our backyard also get to partake!”

– Autumn Boyle  (Aberdeen, Maryland)

“From the first sweet strawberries of spring through fall’s apples and squashes, Harmans CSA has provided my family with a healthy, fresh and generous share of fruits and vegetables. I love that this good food comes from our Harford County soil, and am proud to be part of the Harman farm family.

– Lyn (Havre de Grace, Maryland)

“Fox (age 7) says he really loves the fruits and vegetables we get from Harmans.  He also likes the swing set and hay bales.”

“Allison loves that we know our farmer.  The Harman family is so friendly, and each year we gladly send our check for our share because we love knowing our money is supporting local agriculture.  The more we hear about the importance of buying locally grown food, the more fortunate we feel that we live in a climate that can produce such a great variety of produce over such a long season.   Our family eats more healthy vegetables than we would without the weekly crate full of fresh produce.  It gets us to try new recipes- we don’t dare waste any of our precious produce!  My favorite new recipe is an eggplant dip from Dishing Up Maryland.  It’s also pretty neat that my children have been able to pick strawberries at Harmans- to get close to the soil and plants makes us feel connected to our food and our community.”

– Allison (Bel Air, Maryland)

“Our family have been members of the Harmon Farms CSA for several years now.  I have always been delighted to participate.  Quantity of what we receive , variety in our CSA box, and most important, the quality of what we receive make the Harmon Farms CSA an excellent value for the money. It is wonderful to look at what is available at grocery stores, and know that my CSA is a better deal! “

– Pam (Havre de Grace, Maryland)

“I loved getting the half order CSA last year, and I’m looking forward to this year. As a single person, I was a little worried about using everything up, but that proved to not be a problem. I love to cook, so I had fun finding new recipes and trying some items I had never worked with before. And everyone at the farm is friendly and helpful. What a great way to be healthy and buy local.”

– Laura (Havre de Grace, Maryland)

“Products are”the freshest.,”THE HARMANS” and STAFF are the  GREATEST”

– Ed (Aberdeen, Maryland)

“Our family has participated in Harman’s Farm CSA for several years. I investigated other local CSA’s and chose Harmans because we wanted to support a small local farm. We have not been disappointed! We began with a full share while there were still kids at home.  The CSA gave us a taste of veggies we had never tried, such as bok choy and Swiss chard.  Paula has been wonderful by emailing recipes for some of these unusual vegetables.  The Swiss chard and penne continues to be a family favorite!  The fruits and vegetables during the summer have always been very fresh and varied.  Even when the kids left and we switched to a half share, we never felt as though we were missing out on anything.  We have never had anything left by the next week’s pick up day. Joining Harmans Farm CSA has been a great decision.  The market and the workers are welcoming and friendly.

– Susan (Forest Hill, Maryland)

“I always look forward to going to Harman’s to pick up my CSA order!  The folks there are so friendly and the produce is so fresh.  It’s always great to see Paula and the crew!”

– Patrick (Bel Air, Maryland)

“Harman’s Farm is excellent. Their fruits and vegetables are always fresh. Joined their farm last year and received more then enough to feed my family of 4. Some weeks gave some items to my neighbors, more then enough for us. I figure it out and I spend less using Harman’s Farm then if I purchased the same items in the store. You must like a lot of different vegetables, there is no choice. You get what they grow, which is great if you want farm fresh fruits and vegetables. I am joining again this year.”

– Chris L.” (Havre de Grace, Maryland)

“As participants in the Harmans Farm Market CSA for several years now, we’re eagerly awaiting the first of the 2014 harvest. Aside from the ease and convenience of one-stop produce “shopping”, we like the fact that what goes on our table is fresh, nutritious and delicious. The selection runs from asparagus to zucchini. Among our favorites are strawberries and sweet corn.”

– Sandy and Mac (Churchville, Maryland)

“Harman’s produce is the freshest and top quality. I participate in their CSA every year and it is such a treat to pick up the basket of a variety of wonderful vegetables and other treats every week. Plus the selection of additional items I need are right there. The flowers are so beautiful!”

– Maggie Rhodes (Darlington, Maryland)

“Wonderful veggies, fruits & flowers! My basil plant is fragrant and lasts all season! Paula, her family, and her staff are all very friendly and hard working. I really enjoy the variety we receive and I am proud to support local agriculture.”

– Carol (Churchville, Maryland)

“One of the very first experiences I ever had with Harman’s was some zucchini and yellow squash that I picked up at the farmer’s market in Havre de Grace. I lightly steamed them for supper that evening and when my husband asked “What did you put on these? They are so tasty!” I replied, “Nothing. I guess that is just how good Harman’s produce is.”

From that day to this, if Harman’s is open it is my “go to” spot for produce as well as eggs, meats, cheeses, you name it! I have never been disappointed with a single purchase.”

– Kallie (Havre de Grace, Maryland)

“Our family loves being a part of the CSA at Harman’s Farm Market. Since we joined the CSA, we have found that we eat many more fresh vegetables and we explore new recipes. Everything is delicious! My son has a fun time playing on the swing set while I browse through all the beautiful items on display. We look forward to the start of the new season every year!”

– Diane (Bel Air, Maryland)

“Harman’s CSA is worth every penny! Not only do you get a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the season, you’re also supporting a local farm run by wonderful people and their associates. We participated in the half share for the first time last year and were pleased with the amount and quality of produce we received and with the friendly staff. “

– Carolyn (Havre de Grace, Maryland)

“Harman’s 2013 CSA was a great way to buy local.  Our produce was freshly packed and ready when we arrived for pick-up.  Our share provided seasonal and nutritious vegetables and fruits.   Harman’s offers recipes and the opportunity to try new varieties of produce. We always looked forward to delivery day to see what mouth watering morsels were in our bin.  Fresh, local and delivered with a smile.  Can’t wait for 2014!”

– JB (Bel Air, Maryland)

“Mrs. Harmon: Just a note to tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed participating in the 2013 CSA. The quality, quantity, and variety of your produce was terrific. More importantly, with all that good stuff on hand, we were eating less meat and junk food. We think there is a positive health link. See you next year.”

– Ed Somody (Aberdeen, Maryland)

“We have enjoyed a full share from Harman’s for several years, and the share portions are so generous with tasty and nutritious variety throughout the season. Some of our favs include scrumptious strawberries, crisp spinach, delightfully nutty patty pan squash, juicy tomatoes, tasty pickling cucumbers, flavorful peppers, and mouthwatering melon (especially the yellow seedless watermelon)!! Equally as important, paula and her staff are warm, friendly, and accommodating. Insightful example: one night I arranged to pick up after hours and the staff accidentally forgot to leave out the basket for the rare event; I requested to pick up another day, but paula didn’t want the farm fresh veggies picked that day to become unfresh so she generously dropped off the share to me personally. Amazing!!! This local farm has always exceeded our expectations for the produce quality, quantity, and personalized, friendly feel. Highly recommend! One of our favorite things since we moved here to MD!”

– Adrian & Jean (Churchville, Maryland)

“Picking up my share is like getting a Christmas present, full of yummy surprises.”

– Carie (Havre de Grace, Maryland)